Sunday, March 8, 2015

reminder for CCNY - new withdrawal process Spring 2015

As a reminder, the sociology department at CCNY has a new withdrawal policy beginning Spring 2015. Beginning this semester, (Spring 2015), there will be a new course withdrawal process in place that will eliminate the need for a paper withdrawal application.

This new process will allow undergraduate students to withdraw themselves from courses via Student Self-Service, after meeting with an Academic Advisor. Graduate students may withdraw themselves from courses through Student-Self Service. No Service Indicator will appear on Graduate Student records.

On Wednesday, February 25, a new service indicator will be placed on all undergraduate students records. The only effect this service indicator will have is to prevent students from dropping courses. The service indicator will be labeled “NWD” with a description, “Course Withdrawal Not Permitted Without Academic Advising”.

In order for a student to drop a course(s) during the withdrawal period, they will be required to see their advisor. The advisor will meet with the student and if appropriate, lift the Service Indicator from the student’s record. The student must log into Student Self-Service and drop the course(s) they wish to withdraw from. The grade of “W” will be immediately placed on the course(s) and visible to the student, via Self-Service. Please make every effort to meet with an academic advisor prior to the deadline date of April 16, 2015. The deadline for students to withdraw from courses is Thursday, April 16, 2015, by close of business, 5:00pm.

New course withdrawal policy - for those seeking to withdraw from a sociology course during spring 2015, please contact

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